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Wildife Creations International


At Wildlife Creations International we don't rush your work. We take the time to turn your trophies into a work of art with a expected delivery within 6 to 8 months.

Wildlife Creations International's commitment is to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY wildlife art at a reasonable price. Our customers deserve a unique preservation of the memory of the hunt with a highly pleasing visual remembrance.

Either Chris Lamb or Chance Marquette will perform all wildlife artistry. This insures that every mount has been checked and rechecked to provide you with the most detailed mount possible.

Wildlife Creations International is located Glenrock, Wyoming. We have hunting in some of the most foreboding conditions mother nature has to offer and understand the importance of your trophies. Regardless if it is your first spike deer, the first in your collection of The Big Five or final species for your Grand Slam, Wildlife Creations International will treat your trophy as if it was our own.

All of our life size prices include standard base and we are a USDA approved facility for receiving restricted shippements. Please contact us prior to hunt for shipping instructions and recommend care of your hides. We look forward to creating a unique piece of artwork just for you.

WildLife Creations International
112 South 4th St
P.O. Box 1195
Glenrock, WY 82637-1195
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